Discord/AltVR user ComfyHoodie asked a question that I am sure all of us have had over the last few days or in the past when it comes to AltSpace updating.

Comfyhoodie asked “For the life of me, I will never understand why WE are always left to have to update all of our stuff and there’s never any consideration into developing software that automatically will do it for us. #2amthoughts”

“Copyright concerns for one and I bet some people would not be comfortable handing over their own assets so easily. We thought about this when originally designing World Building–it’s a hairy problem”

Jimmy #Discussion @AltVRDiscord

Using the nightclub assets, an example that is a widely used paid asset on AltSpaceVR, we as a user paid money to purchase the right to use that asset in the applicable license granted to us in exchange. However, that license technically didn’t extend to AltSpaceVR, and we cannot give them permission to touch, modify and use our assets. So it is genuinely a legal matter because if they took the nightclub scene and recompiled it in any way, they would have technically stolen it.

However, as a user and licensee of the asset, I can modify it, upload it, use it within the terms of my license, and upgrade it to a platform such as AltSpace or use it in another game engine project I was to buy another license.