Why I reinstall AltSpaceVR every month on my Quest 2

AltSpaceVR is a fast-paced, growing platform implementing changes and bug fixes that sometimes don’t work out, and then they are repatched, and cache gets muddled over time in my experience my Quest 2.

Some of the problems I’ve experienced on-going:

  • Losing world editor and permissions in my own world no matter how many times I re-enter or manually add permissions in the world.
  • Getting stuck in the world loading screen forever
  • Teleporting and then getting a black screen of doom and having to quit and restart the app

These problems went away for a long time just by reinstalling AltSpaceVR on my Quest 2. I haven’t had yet to do the same for PC 2D mode installations but I find that the Quest 2 itself can be glitchy so it’s not clear who’s to blame.

Another reason why it’s a good idea to reinstall AltSpace is that cache grows every time you enter a world, and that world gets cached and stored, and it can clutter up your storage over time, especially if you don’t go back to those worlds ever again.

AltSpace is buggy especially when it comes to audio right and these bugs seem to not going away so there’s confidence loss in updating to the latest version but the problem is the latest version is probably not compatible with the people who are hesitant to update and they get in the cycle of not updating.

To really get an understanding of what the current issues are, we need to enact reinstalling AltSpace on a semi-regular basis so that version mismatches don’t happen and everyone is on the same version. Since that isn’t likely to happen and knowing that I will probably have these glitches again and the correlation I have from my own experience suggests the longer the install sits on your headset, the more problems you will have past 2-3 months (heavy use).

When this happens, I feel like I’m reinstalling to steer a sinking ship towards land to get some relief from these random glitches that seem to happen less on newer cache files. But over time, my own experience is that it gets worse and worse after a few weeks.

Sometimes objects and templates won’t load no matter how many times you reload world kits or reset the space. In recent months there have been talks of the URP update and worlds that don’t get updated will become unavailable. However, from a caching perspective, these worlds may still exist on your device, useless and unable to access. I highly recommend you reset your cache during the update period to Unity 2020.

How to delete apps (AltSpaceVR) off your Quest 2 headset

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Published: April 23, 2021
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