Addiction MRE by Ryuuzaki

Addiction MRE by Ryuuzaki is a personal wardrobe plugin for AltSpceVR for custom avatars. These custom avatars are unofficial and not supported by AltSpace and are also considered a luxury perk. These outfits aren’t free to use but recently have become more affordable with ranges released by Ryuuzaki that are pre-made with colour ranges available to choose from.

Custom avatar outfits #

Most outfits are custom made to order and each user and these start at $55 USD. Typically there is a few months waiting list as his MRE is popular and people can choose to expedite their order further to the top of the list for an extra fee.

Once the user has their outfit they can wear it in any world with the Addiction MRE loaded and are kept privately accessed only by the user who purchased the outfit.

This means that when the MRE has loaded into the world only the outfit owner(s) will see their own individual outfits allowing for a wardrobe of outfit options to be visible just for you at worlds and events.

Addiction MRE Showcase #

Sherwin’s fashion show showcases some of the exclusive outfits featured in the MRE.

Ryuuzaki’s Page #

The official website is:

However, AussieGuy92 facilitates documentation on:

Where can I find the MRE code? #

Ryuuzaki’s MRE only works when he shares the MRE via website. Even if you have the MRE URI link and you have purchased an outfit, you will not see them unless the MRE has been spawned from the SDK apps that has been shared by Ryuuzaki. This is due to the security requirements of AltVR and not something Ryuuzaki can control.

Once you have had the MRE URI shared with you, you can spawn it via your SDK kits as per normal.

If you haven’t been shared the MRE via AltspaceVR website, you will be able to see the MRE ‘X’ icon but not see any outfits, so it is useless to circulate the MRE URI.

For world builders #

You can use the recommended reflection probe that Ryuuzaki uses to test his outfits.

Ryuuzaki Outfit Pricing #

Current Prices: #

  • Standard Body Design 55 USD
  • Advanced Body Design 110 USD
  • Standard Hand Design 25 USD
  • Advanced Hand Design 50 USD
  • Standard Head Design 25 USD
  • Advanced Head Design 50 USD
  • Extra color/attachment option 25 USD
  • Expedite Service 55 USD
  • Add outfit to extra account 25 USD

Pricing is current as of 20th Jan 2022 and subject to change. Please check for up to date information and terms and conditions.

Notable points from terms and conditions: #

– The created 3D assets do not belong to the users

  • The users have no rights to rip, copy, or alter any 3D model made by Ryuuzaki.

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