Altspace Frequently Asked Questions

Is Altspace FREE? #

Yes. There are currently no fees associated with using Altspace, hosting events and even creating and uploading your worlds is free. However, this may be subject to change as Microsoft releases Microsoft for Teams as it has been indicated that Altspace is a Mesh compatible app so there may be changes in the future.

How do I create a world? #

There are typically 2 ways of world-building on AltspaceVR.

Using existing kits and worlds available and shared #

Requirements: If you are brand new or not tech-savvy this is the easiest route to get started creating worlds and using them to host events on the platform. You need to have your account settings in-game enabled with ‘Enable worlds beta’ and ‘Early access program’. You can enable this quickly by logging into the website and enabling this way as well.

This can be toggled once and set and forget.

Step 1: Login into your AltspaceVR account via for easy reference once you are logged in you can bookmark this link:

Step 2: You will need to create a new world in a universe. By default, you will have a universe available. You can create a new universe to help you organise your worlds which is useful if you are creating groups of worlds as a theme or setup different access permissions.

Step 3: Create a world and select a valid template.

Quick Notes:

  • is the only way you can create, edit and manage your worlds and cannot be done in-game. A common workaround is keeping your phone logged into the website.
  • You can create worlds and share them with your friends
  • You can block, whitelist and give other people certain access to your worlds and universes.

Uploading a custom Unity template #

The preferred way and the best way is to create a world by uploading a scene template using Unity3D and the additional required Altspace Unity Uploader. It should be noted that AltspaceVR doesn’t allow Unity scripts for security reasons.

You can create all sorts of custom worlds and it is limited by your imagination, creativity and the ability to navigate common problems. You can find resources in our Wiki section with getting started.

I’ve seen people streaming videos inside of Altspace – How do I do that? #

There are two practical options for streaming videos but really only one. Most users can stream YouTube videos using Ben’s YouTube Video MRE. This does come with some drawbacks including relying on the video to be streamed through an externally hosted server which isn’t reliable due to technical problems and limitations beyond the developer’s control.

The main way people stream into Altspace that is the most reliable and preferred way is through the AltspaceVR web projector. This can be set up using a compatible Windows PC running the latest Edge browser with the AltspaceVR addon that you can find linked on the homepage.

What does the green tag mean? #

The green tag is given to trusted users who have proven themselves by keeping out of trouble and partaking in the running and the modding of the events. In short, they are volunteers and not paid for their work and don’t have any special powers except enough blocks from community helpers can have your account flagged heavily.

It is important to note that in past years community helpers were more relevant and served more of a peace-keeping role on the platform. You don’t have to mod or give world access to community helpers in your world or treat them differently, they aren’t above the rules.

How do I turn off the tunnel vision? #

The tunnel vision is required for some users and is turned on by default. This can be switched off in your comfort settings under the setting “Blinders”.

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