Being kicked from a room or event

If you have been removed or kicked from a space or an event there are limited options available. If you have been kicked from the space but allowed to re-enter you can. However, if you can’t re-enter the space or event it essentially means you have been blocked from entering that instance. This does not apply to the ‘template’ or limit your access to other worlds using that template but JUST that instance.

If you feel like you have been wrongfully kicked you can contact the event host or space owner. Sometimes it may be difficult to do but if you are at any major event on Altspace you won’t get ‘kicked’ for nothing. So it’s not something you should be concerned about. In personal home spaces, however, you may find that if you are disturbing people trying to enjoy the space, they may use kick rather than communicate their annoyance.

Keep in mind:

  • Event owners / world owners have full control over entry to their world
  • Blocked/kicked users will appear on the world’s edit page > under blocked users
  • There is no logging for moderators who kicked a particular person (unless using a custom MRE)

I am blocked from a space or event I have never been to #

World and event owners can block usernames to worlds and universes which also include event spaces. Sometimes event hosts will carry forward a previous event instance to carry previous bans/kicks. So if you are trying to enter an event and you are blocked you may have been kicked prior.

You may have also been manually banned ahead of time by a world admin for whatever reason. World owners have full power to restrict users for valid or invalid reasons.

Again, you will need to contact the world owner or world admin to seek removal.

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