Changing MRE Controls (Attachments MRE)

Altspace’s ‘Helmet’ MRE can attach objects to certain key points on your body. Sometimes avatars can vary in shapes and sizes with facial and body features so by default users can resize their attached objects to make them fit.

However, sometimes people go overboard and turn their halo into a floating spinning disk so it can be useful in events to reduce the controls of the attachable.

  • (click on an item) – attach
  • X Button – unattach
  • +/- Buttons – scale up/down
  • Up/Down Arrows – move up/down
  • Forward/Back Arrows – move forward/back

By default, you will see all controls. Pass “controls=min” to hide all except the “unattach” button.


Pass “controls=none” to hide all buttons (WARNING: users will not be able to unattach items).

Reindeer MRE spawned in without controls.

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