Community Helpers

On the 25th of May 2022 the Community Helper Program was paused on the platform. The green tags have been turned off. This page exists for reference but you will not see Community Helpers on the platform.

AltspaceVR Community Helpers are approved users who are deemed trustworthy enough and have contributed in some way to the Altspace community.

What did they do?

Typically community helpers are users who host, mod or create events, MRE’s and other contributions to the community. There is no requirement for them to do anything but are expected to abide by the community standards.

Did they have to help you?

They aren’t obligated but some will gladly help. Some community helpers are always working on projects and often spend a lot of time helping others so if they aren’t available.

Did Community Helper get paid?

No, they won’t paid.

What benefits did Community Helpers get?

In the past historically community helpers usually had powers that now is included for world owners to delegate. Nowadays they are able to escalate support tickets and a few reports from community helpers usually get flagged to the top of the list. This is done through the ‘Vote to suspend’ option.

The Vote to Suspend feature is available to Community Helpers. It’s a moderation tool to help keep AltspaceVR safe. Vote-to-Suspend allows Community Helpers to flag anyone who violates of the AltspaceVR Community Guidelines. Below are the official rules and responsibilities associated with the Vote-to-Suspend ability.

Community Helpers aren’t expected to know everything #

Community helpers have green badges around their names that can be toggled on and off. This can sometimes confuse new people as sometimes they think they can offer support that they can’t for instance password resets and complex account troubleshooting.

Also, community helpers don’t always have technical skills, some are confident in hosting events but don’t have a clue to help troubleshoot Unity.

Applying to become a Community Helper #

The Community Helper Program has been permanently or temporarily removed from the platform. You aren’t able to apply to be one.


All Community Helpers must be a part of AltspaceVR for at least three months (90 days) before applying for the Community Helper role. To apply to be a Community Helper, you must meet a minimum of two out of three qualifications:

  1. You’ve hosted at least three Main Events in the past one month (30 days).
  2. You’ve moderated at least five Main Events in the past three months (90 days).
  3. You’ve been recommended by a Community Support Team member for your awesome contributions to AltspaceVR (culture, content, community, and so on)

If you meet the requirements and want to apply you can click here.

You can still be considered if you are able to demonstrate how you have positively impacted the community. For instance, if you are hosting multiple events a week, building worlds, helping on the AltspaceVR Discord and have done for several months, it may be worth trying. You will get a reply and if you have any barriers you will usually get a reason given.

Improving your chances for first-time consideration #

  • Keep a clean record and don’t partake in socially risky conversations where you might cause people to block you. (This isn’t the end of the world otherwise)
  • Help out in the Campfire
  • Offer to help Mod events (even if they aren’t ‘Main Events’ Altspace recognises there may not be tons of ‘Main Events’ so if you Mod 10 events a month that would be considered a huge effort.
  • Host main events – And Mod your trusted friends as this helps other users obtain the requirements for them to applly too. It’s important to note that it is likely that event joins and stats would be take into the equasion. Altspace would want to ensure Community Helpers can deal with full-events. Hosting a 15 min event with 3 joins might not get you over the line.

Barriers to becoming a Community Helper #

If you have been banned recently, had copyright violations or have been blocked by multiple members in the community, this can impact your application.

You don’t need to have a ‘perfect’ clean record but ideally, you would want several months of continuous time on the platform without causing too many problems for others. If you have had a troubled past and you have waited some time before applying it is worth being honest and reflecting on your personal growth on how your behaviour has changed during the time on your platform.

Acceptance of becoming a Community Helper #

You will receive an e-mail back with a decision which can take a few weeks so please be patient. Typically users find out by someone noticing your nametag has changed so this is usually how users find out.

Trivia: AltspaceVR client restart is required for you to see your badge toggle #

If you don’t see your badge toggle and you just received Community Helper you may need to restart your client.

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