Editing the Altspace Loading Screen (Purgatory)

In AltspaceVR you can edit the purgatory (purg) which is the little island loading screen you get stuck on before you load into your world, This is can be accessed only by using the Altspace command line in your ‘Support’ tab in the Altspace menu.

Accessing purg #

Type in ‘purg’ like above and it will send you to the purg. If you have world editing rights you will be able to place objects down but you won’t be able to talk to other people verbally who are also in purgatory.

To exit the purg you can go into your menu and click ‘Return to space’ or you can retype the command ‘purg’ to go back to the world.

Purgatory on Altspace

Purgutory Edit Video Tutorial #

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