Emojis of Altspace and what they mean

There are 6 emojis used in Altspace that display above your head when you use them, as they are limited it can be difficult to show a range of emotions so it’s common to see emoji’s used in different ways.

One example is the emoji ‘Love heart’ which sits at 7-o’clock on your emoji dial. Some people might feel uncomfortable seeing someone greet them with love hearts but in Altspace it means ‘It’s really great to see you!’ which is usually followed by a verbal hello. But it may not necessarily mean romantic intentions towards a person because a person sends a few hearts into the air. In Altspace sending love hearts towards others is common between groups of friends greeting and farewelling each other as well as being used to show emotions in events.

Equally, someone sending up the sad face emoji while someone tells a sad story would most likely be used to show empathy towards someone without verbally interrupting someone in the middle of talking. Sometimes during an event, an audio issue will happen and users will start displaying the sad face emojis into the air to get the host’s attention and to display a show that could be signalled as duress.

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