Featured World Builders

The featured world builders page has been removed from the AltspaceVR website following the campfire removal update. There has not been any official explanation given but this page remains for archive purposes.

Featured world builders of Altspace at launch 20th October 2021.
Featured world builders of Altspace launched on 20th October 2021 and was removed upon the Campfire removal update in early 2022 without warning.

AltspaceVR engineer Jimmy introduced a page that allowed people searching for trusted and known world builders to be contacted by users easily. This removed the complication of searching the network for users to help and these users typically have a good social reputation of a professional manner on the platform.

Some world builders are multi-skilled and can create MRE’s as well as specialise in different types of world building from Unity to being advanced with the world editor tool.

At the time of launch Jimmy (AltVR admin) was accepting admissions via Discord. However, Jimmy has recently moved to do engineering duties offline in recent weeks. As of December 2021, I haven’t seen this page changed for a while so they may not be accepting more admissions at the moment as this would still be a trial feature.

What you can do in the meantime #

  • Keep building awesome worlds and creations
  • Keep helping people and getting your name out there as someone who is a reputable world builder
  • Fill out your profile on AltVR.com and prepare your profile to be considered.

Do I need to be a talented and gifted world builder to get approved? #

There are world builders who build from scratch with all of their projects, but the majority of people have a combination of using existing models but having the ability to recreate original works with them, other world builders rely mainly on world editor kit items – but have an amazing eye for attention to detail. These world builders I am referring to are world builders who can create worlds that you would not be able to tell the difference between a Unity template or being kit-made and in their own right are talented enough and worthy enough.

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