Formatting AltspaceVR groups & event pages

You can on Altspace group descriptions and event descriptions to add links and embed useful media into your group. These are done using built-in shortcodes, the documentation is a little scarce on the formatting but this page will be updated to include more (as of April 2022).

Adding a URL Link #


Example of how it looks in AltspaceVR #

Embedding a URL #

Bullet points & Headings #

Bullet points can be achieved by prefixing a sentence with an * (Shift + 8) while headings can be achieved by prefixing a hashtag.

Code: #

* Bullet points are just assterix stars 
* Here is another one

#Here is a heading that is created using single hashtag
##This is heading 2 with two hashtags used
###This is heading 3 example with three hashtags

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