Holograms against reality

Holograms against reality is an application spawned by a dedicated template in the AltspaceVR > Templates section that anyone can set up a world using.

This particular ‘MRE’ is coded in C# and doesn’t operate typically like a conventional MRE that a URI/URL link can spawn in.

Creating a Holograms against reality world #

Create a world as per usual, you can make this a public or private world.

Holograms against reality is no longer maintained and updates have not been available over the last year. The app can be buggy and requires to be reset from time to time.

Locate the Holograms against reality template in the sidebar as per instructions #2 above.

Select and create or update your world.

Done! Depending on your world permissions it will be accessible to at least yourself.

How to spawn Holograms against reality game in another world #

After following the instructions in the first part of the guide. To spawn the game in another world you have to do a trick to get it to work.

  1. You must do this at the very start of the world creation process. If you do this after you have built your world this will not work as it will cause your world to be overwritten.
  2. You must have a default holograms world made that you can import from as a source world.

Tutorial: How to bring holograms againsts reality into any world #

For this example, I have created a basic holograms world and I have created another world called ‘The Aussie House’ where I want to spawn in the holograms game. Because I have just started the ‘The Aussie House’ world I have very few objects loaded in so I am happy to reset my space just so I can bring in the game.

In my case I will edit the world ‘The Aussie House’ and I will set the import source world to the ‘My Holograms World’ so that it will inherit all objects from the holograms world and copy it to my other world. Also, make sure you have the right template selected after you select your source world as sometimes importing a source world will change the template assigned to the world. This can be easily be fixed if the mistake is made.

After importing your source world you should have access to the holograms against reality game in your modified world.

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