How to find kits & templates on AltSpaceVR

During the month of November 2021 AltSpaceVR removed several kits due to license changes. As a result, there are minimal kits available for starting users on the platform. This can be a barrier to enjoying the platform however, AltSpaceVR did bring out recently the ability for users to share templates and kits (that they have the right to share*) with the community. This is achieved by creating public groups which can be found on the AltSpaceVR official website by accessing it under the ‘More’. and click ‘All’ to view all accessible public groups.

How to join a group #

When you find a group you want to access you can click the ‘Join’. You will immediately have access to the content provided by that group on your account. Depending on the group you have joined you may receive a combination of worlds, kits and templates.

You can leave a group at any time and rejoin which can help you unclutter your collection of assets from time to time. If you make a mistake just rejoin the group.

Considerations #

  • Kits and templates are user generated content and may not be optimised for performance.
  • Kits and templates can be removed or restricted at anytime at the discretion of AltSpace or the owner.
  • You need to consider the copyright and licensing before sharing and using them.
  • Some kits and templates may be locked to the group. Leaving may make objects previously shared become invisible or removed.

What are Altspace Kits? #

Kits can be considered as object packs that contain Unity assets that have been brought into Altspace via Altspace Unity Uploader. Some kits are accessible by all users as they are managed by AltspaceVR and other kits, the majority have been contributed to the community. The most common way to find kits is by joining groups or befriending others while Patreon or purchasing kits and MREs are also common.

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