How to find your log file (AltspaceVR)

The AltspaceVR client application keeps a log of diagnostic data and events that occur while you’re using
AltspaceVR platform. In times of duress and issues during troubleshooting an issue, you may be asked to “upload your logs” so the AltspaceVR team can investigate.

Windows PC #

Locate the following path in Windows Explorer.


This file overwrites each time you launch AltspaceVR. ‘Player.log’ represents your latest session, and ‘Playerprev.log’ represents the previous session.

When you have located the file you can submit it as part of a ticket to AltspaceVR.

Upload logs (AltspaceVR) #

You can upload your existing and previous log files to AltspaceVR by hitting the upload logs file. You can also report any issues that you are having even if you don’t think it may be logged. This is a tool that is monitored and abuse of such a tool will jeopardize your account.

For community helpers, this tool can be used to flag staff anywhere of any concerns that may require immediate attention.

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