How to spawn an MRE into AltspaceVR

Spawning in an MRE #

MRE’s work using a web socket connection so typically you will be familiar with ws:// related links such as Ben’s Youtube player that uses the URI code:

You can spawn in Ben’s MRE using this code.


Open up World Editor and click SDK app in the ‘Altspace’ tab.

If you have saved your MRE via or has been shared with you, you can access under ‘Mine’ > SDK apps and view them there.

Common problems with MRE’s #

  • Sometimes can crash or be unavailable due to glitches or self-hosted MRE’s from a home network.
  • MRE’s requires hosting for the most part to be hosted outside of AltspaceVR which usually occures a cost for the developer to keep alive. Some MRE’s can dissapear without notice or not get updated for related reasons.

Resetting an MRE #

Really easy to toggle an MRE on and off by editing the object and untoggling ‘is Playing’ off and on. This is a quicker alternative to deleting and respawning it back in.

Saving & spawning SDK apps via the AltVR website #

You can spawn in MRE’s saved via AltspaceVR website which are spawnable under your ‘Mine’ SDK Apps section in the world editor panel.

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