Reporting abuse or appealing

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AltVR has a particular web form through their support ticketing system to report abuse on the platform and to appeal.

Typically you would be appealing to violations for either the Community Standards, Terms of Service or both.

If your account has been suspended/banned you will need to contact Altspace support and acts such as getting your friend to try and pest a campfire admin or messaging them on Discord won’t get you anywhere.

Before appealing #

If you are appealing an account suspension you are better off being honest with what you know about the situation and stick to the facts. If you got banned for streaming a movie in an event and you were told repeatedly not to, admit you crossed the line and explain why it won’t be happening again. If you got banned for harassment, let them know you will just keep the other person blocked and let them know that your personal vendetta isn’t worth disrupting the platform to get banned from. Honest reflection about your behaviour.

If you genuinely believe you have been banned by mistake you can calmy seek clarity by support with something along the lines of

“Hello, my account access has been disabled and this seems out of the ordinary and seeking clarity on why this may have happened.”

Sometimes my account has been locked due to weird glitches and sometimes accounts may appear disabled not working but could be more of a sign-in sync issue.

It is important that you show respect and conduct your appeals professionally for the best chance of appeal. It should also be said that if you were banned for unacceptable behaviour and you were allowed back on the platform to only repeat, your second ban will be a lot harder to appeal. Altspace is a community where someone knows someone who knows someone who knows YOU, having a bad reputation will follow you and people will naturally avoid and exclude you. So behave! 😛

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