User roles in worlds, events & groups

TIP: You can open your AltspaceVR Menu > Support > Open Command Line > Roles. This can help get visibility of your roles in any world or event space by typing the command roles.

Contextual Permissions #

Available when you edit your World:

Megaphone_OnlyGives that user access to Host Tools but only Amplify My Voice
ModeratorSame as the world creator moderator role. Unofficially moderator is a permission required to access some settings inside MRE’s.
Musical PerformerBetter quality audio for singers or musicians playing instruments
PilotAdds flight capabilities for that individual. NOTE: Must enable this in Settings/Input/Fly
HostSame as the world creator host role, in an event with front-row enabled ‘On-air’ will become available.
TerraformerAdds the World Editor button to their interface

Adding Moderators & Hosts (Events) #

In addition to adding Moderator’s and hosts can be managed by the host panel. Permissions can’t supersede or be granted to an equal role or above. For example, Moderators can’t add hosts or terraformers. Terraformers can’t add Mods, kick or use host tools.

If you are unsure, you can always control your users access by the AltVR website method.

Universe Admin & Editing Universes #

Worlds that you own and manage are sorted into Universes that they belong to. Universe settings such as contextual roles, blocks are inherited so this becomes a useful menu to give trusted friends access to all of your worlds. You can even allocate universe admins which gives admin access to each world in that universe. Although these should be used with caution, these settings can help setting permissions easier.

Not to mention you can make universes private or public requires you to have complete control over who has access to your worlds. By default universes and worlds are public by default.

Allowed & Blocked Users #

If a world is private the user would need to be added to the allow list to get in despite even if they have terraformer or another contextual permission. Blocked users can be inherited and added the same way as Allowed users but deny’s users access to that universe, world or event instance regardless if the world is private or not.

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