World Editor Panel

World Editor Functions #

  1. Access the basic kits including host items and web projector
  2. Backup or restore your world to a previous backup
  3. Skyboxes are shared among the ‘Altspace’, ‘Mine’ and ‘Featured’ tab depending how you aquired the skybox. Friends can share you skyboxes, kits, SDK apps that will appear under the ‘Mine’ tab.
  4. Kits – Altspace has kits available for free, there are also featured kits that are being phased out. Kits can be shared by friends and by joining Altspace groups.
  5. SDK apps – View the default available MRE in ‘Altspace’ and ‘Featured’ tabs. If you have had an MRE shared with you you can view it under the ‘Mine’ panel.
  6. Access Altspace freely provided kits, skyboxes and MRE’s.
  7. Mine sorts content to content shared by others on the platform
  8. Includes some Altspace provided kits as well as featured kits from prior years.
  9. That exclaimation icon allows you to view the diagnostics of the world.

This can confuse a lot of new users who are having trouble finding things in their world editor. Altspace provided kits, MRE’s, Skyboxes are spread out between the ‘Altspace’ and ‘Featured’ tabs you see at 6 & 8 of the image above. When someone shares a kit, skybox or MRE with you they can be accessed under ‘Mine’.

What the world editor isn’t #

  • You are unable to unshare or share kits via this panel
  • You cannot share or manage world permissions (exception to using command line)
  • You cannot ‘undo’ changes that you make on the fly

How to I access the World Editor panel? #

You need to have terraformer access or the world to be your own space. You can access your world editor panel at the bottom right hand corner of your display.

For the exception of MRE’s there haven’t been any featured kits contributed by users added. Recently Altspace was licensed to add additional Synty asset store content but adding user content is risky legally for Altspace to accept in the masses. Short answer, you can’t but although may not be impossible and recommend submitting a ticket.

Other FAQ #

Can I use world editor in 2D?


Can I give someone else access to world editor in my world?

Yes, you will need to edit your world on and add them as a terraformer.

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