OBS Studio for Web Projector

OBS or Open Broadcaster Software is a free & open-source software for video recording and live streaming. OBS is a program I have used for my events in the past for slideshow automation and music. This setup works best if you have two monitors as this gives you the ability to control your broadcast on one monitor and stream your full-screen via AltspaceVR web projector on the other monitor.

Note: You can technically use OBS with one monitor, but you run the risk of disrupting your audience’s visual pleasure by alt-tabbing to OBS to change slides.

Getting Started With OBS Studio #

Since it’s free to download you don’t need to worry about fees and the benefit is that this software is considered mainstream so there is a lot of support and help in other parts of the internet if you want to learn more.



Using OBS with AltSpace Web Projector #

Since AltSpace you would be casting ideally a full desktop view (having a second monitor) to run an OBS. You won’t need to cast to Twitch or YouTube so ignore those settings in your setup. In terms of doing anything different with your AltSpace Web Projector setup, you just continue to cast full desktop.

Workaround for only having one monitor #

You could set up your OBS to cast to twitch and then stream your twitch channel on an edge browser tab so that you can work from one monitor and control what you are broadcasting inside OBS. Additionally, you could use this setup even with monitors to give you better flexibility in not having to worry about keeping your main desktop clutter-free during broadcasting via Altspace web projector.

Download OBS

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