Export a MineCraft Server or World into Unity

Since joining VR I’ve always wanted to try MineCraft in VR, although since this original thought MineCraft which is also owned by Microsoft they have made it easier to export using the Windows Store version. The problem for me is that I had always used the Java edition and was familiar with running Minecraft servers and wanted the freedom for users to have their projects exported into AltspaceVR.

This created the reason for a Java export to Unity was only viable for me so I started exploring options and found this app called Jmc2obj.

This Java app allows you to load up a Minecraft save and load up the world and select and drag what you wish to export. Once you have exported you will get an OBJ file that will contain textures. Once imported you will need to convert your materials to URP if you were wishing to upload them to AltspaceVR.

Edits further required #

The export isn’t perfect for example some textures such as glass, grass and coral will need to be changed to a transparent layer. You will see below that the glass has been corrected in the panels however, some minor glitches with textures will need to be removed, replaced or tweaked.

Exporting MineCraft worlds to Unity for VR #

Unity is the software compatible with .OBJ’s which makes it a clean import into Unity with few issues. You can also upload your export into a VR project or compatible project to upload to a platform such as VRChat or AltspaceVR.

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