Fixing a non-URP material that uses alpha transparency (leaves, flowers)

A common problem when using materials that are made for Unity3D pre-URP is that some materials converted using the Edit > Render pipeline > Convert Materials user function is they don’t convert properly at all. This can be frustrating, particularly for new users but a few clicks in most cases can restore your materials to an extent.

In this example I am using the Ivy procedural generator which I had to re-create new materials, re-assign the texture to the plants but noticed the materials are blacked on the edges.

The reason why can be explained easily by referring to the Unity documentation:

When using a texture assigned for the Albedo parameter, you can control the transparency of the material by ensuring your albedo texture image has an alpha channel. The alpha channel values are mapped to the transparency levels with white being fully opaque, and black being fully transparent. This will have the effect that your material can have areas of varying transparency.

As an example I have uploaded a short video to show how easily this can be fixed inside Unity and sometimes some manual user intervention is required to convert materials over successfully to URP.

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