How to fix pink prefab previews after URP update

Since the URP update, something that has been driving builders crazy on AltspaceVR since the URP update is converting existing projects or pre-URP assets. After converting your project and pulling the prefab into the scene without issues, your preview for the prefab will often remain pink. I have searched for solutions and settings to see if there was a way to refresh the preview, but I have a simple solution that works without scripts or learning anything new.

Fixing your prefab previews for URP #

Depending on your project it may be easier to do this from ‘All prefabs’ or select the prefabs from their own folder and select them all by Ctrl + A to select and do them in bulk and change a scale setting to anything and change it back. In the video example, I change the scale and change it back.

But you could alternatively toggle ‘Static’, ‘Contribute Global Illumination etc even tagging, or changing the object layer would trigger a prefab preview refresh.

The end result #

It may set you back a few minutes to do but following these steps and give you back visibility of your prefabs and your ability to find particular assets that may look similar to other prefabs. As you can see from the below image there are some materials that would need to be converted further but I wouldn’t have actually have known until I would have gone to use that asset. This helps you get better visibility earlier of how compatible your project is for URP.

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