Switching your baking to GPU in Unity for faster baking times

A common frustration is the amount of time you spend baking your lighting in your Unity scene, adding to that frustration is doing that several times over to get your world looking how you want it. Thankfully if you have a dedicated GPU (graphics card) you can toggle to use your graphics card to bake your lighting and reflection probes.

Thankfully, it’s easy to do but often overskipped and at times Unity may not detect your graphics card and select another mode using your CPU which not only would bog down your computer but also take a really long time in comparison to using a GPU.

How to bake using GPU in Unity

Keep in mind when changing your lighting settings you do run the risk of significantly dropping the quality of your world. However, the main advantage of doing so is to find a middle ground where your lighting and textures look fantastic but not cause large files to be generated when the world/kit is built uploaded etc.

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