The project has invalid dependencies (Error)

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So recently I opened up a project and got this error saying that my project had invalid dependencies citing the AltspaceVR uploader package not being able to be found.

The cause was human error as I had reorganised by HDD weeks prior and that file path was invalid. This meant that Unity on startup could not locate that .gz file and threw a nasty error at me that made me jolt back in my seat.

Thankfully it can easily be fixed with a few short steps.

  1. Except humans and PC’s are equally both flawed and move on.
  2. But… really step 1, press continue as there isn’t anything more you can do.
    Unless: You can restore the file back to the origional path the file was located in.
  3. Once you are loaded in check your package manager to unload the uploader.
  1. Now reimport the uploader as per normal. It may take a little longer for the uploader to import as it seems to want to do some housekeeping treating your project as a brand new Unity-Altspace project.

Your project should be back to normal *fingers crossed*.

Other considerations #

This is a universal Unity issue with missing packages and this issue could come about so if you have found this post looking for non-Altspace help you can try restoring the original file paths or reinstalling the packages. If you are unable to recover your package you can export your project into a clean project and go from there.

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