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Welcome to the longest-running professional Metaverse comedy club in the WORLD! We have over 100+ comedians from across the world who perform for you every night of the week! Unmute yourselves and let's have a good laugh!

Altspace SDK

Hear about latest SDK developments, show off your creations.

VR Forward

A VR event presence in Altspace bringing a variety of fun to a headset near you. From concerts to talk shows to everything in between!

LGBTQ+ and Friends Meetup

We have created this safe haven where you can express yourself in a welcoming environment. We have created this space for those who have difficulty sharing their thoughts and experiences. Feel bold enough to share your stories and we will do our part to give you the encouragement you need to live the life you have always dreamed.


CHANGE your life by growing your business to its fullest potential!

If you want to increase income and grow your business with a real live audience then VR Networking by CONINVR is the way to go. Our networking group grows every day.

Metaverse News

  • Farewell Community Helpers (Event)
    Come join us as we say our final farewell to our community helper badges. Many of us have helped the community because it is truly our passion. Let’s get together and share how we’ve made an impact on the community and what the badges meant to us. We will have guest speakers, a final farewell […]
  • Altspace is hitting ‘pause’ on the Community Helper program and 101 events
    Today an announcement was sent to current community helpers of Altspace to reach out and let community helpers know that on May 25th 2022 there will be changes made to the platform. Green tags will no longer be visible or togglable after this update. Discord access to the community helper channel for current CH’s will […]
  • The VR community is nuts about NFTs and why I’m not
    Since joining VR I have been around discussion groups and attended events discussing Blockchain, NFTs and everything crypto. I would say I have a comprehensive knowledge of these topics but wouldn’t say I’m expert level. But I did my due diligence a few months ago to work out if NFTs were feasible as a source […]
  • Do Altspace police its platform effectively?
    From time to time, users get banned for some time, and it can be very distressing for friends and acquaintances. From my experience, it does lower the mood for some time. And on the other hand, we have friends who are upset, but others understand a different narrative and could be argued as ‘the truth’. […]
  • Unpopular Opinion: Removing the commons campfire makes the platform safer
    After the recent campfire removal, there has been a lot of frustration and confusion and also the concern of people not knowing where to go to seek help. Although there are some challenges at the moment with the onboarding of new users to the platform who would struggle to find the worlds beta option in […]
  • Changes to Altspace Event API JSON
    For security and integrity purposes, I have retracted some information to protect the event information and account information associated with the event. There have been some interesting unannounced changes to the event JSON file that is generated to provide the status of the state of events, worlds and users. In this post, I will discuss […]
  • AltspaceVR Social Media Cleanse
    Also in Altspace’s recent news, there has been a cleansing of the AltspaceVR official accounts on app stores and on their YouTube channel. Their main banner image has also been changed which is fantastic as the image did not represent an accurate visual of the avatar system. Instead, they changed it to the loading screen […]
  • The town hall meetup/presentation
    Disclaimer: Thoughts and opinions are my own and I do not represent Microsoft or AltspaceVR. Fair and reasonable critical analysis has been applied. You should check the official AltspaceVR Blog for official news. First, it wasn’t a town hall style meeting In wake of the removal of the commons campfire on the AltspaceVR VR platform, […]
  • 17th Feb AltspaceVR Update: Goodbye Campfire & Commons Area
    Disclaimer: I do not work for Altspace/Microsoft and thoughts and opinions are my own. This post was published in wake of the announcement and does not include community helper-privledged information released at time of publish. And this article will speculate on the role that community helpers could play in the future now that the commons […]
  • MRE Development Meetup hosted by Dargon
    Recently Steven announced the end of the Altspace-provided MRE meetups which was received as mixed news. A few weeks from the news one of the community’s talented MRE developers has stepped up to provide (bi-weekly?) meetups. I attended the meetup this week to listen in and very much enjoyed the fresh change of pace. Not […]

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  • by Team AltspaceVR
    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. The post Protected: General appeared first on AltspaceVR.
  • by Alex Kipman
    Hi Altspacers – I hope this note finds you well. I wanted to take a moment to share with you some important changes we are making to AltspaceVR.  This is an exciting time for all of us who care deeply about the future of collaborative computing and the metaverse. Whether you are someone like me … Continue Reading The post Making AltspaceVR a Safer Space appeared first on AltspaceVR.
  • by Jessica Shea
    Hi Altspacers! 👋 We released an update for AltspaceVR today. Client version 4.3.10 is available now and includes fixes to the holoportation service on PC and Quest. There is a known issue with the holoportation service on Mac that we’re continuing to investigate. The post AltspaceVR Update – Client 4.3.10 appeared first on AltspaceVR.
  • by Jessica Shea
    Hi Altspacers,  Happy December! ⛄ We released a hotfix update for AltspaceVR today. Client version 4.3.9 is available now across all devices. This update includes bug fixes and increased stability.  The Mac client for this release is here.  Bug fixes:  Fixed the Worlds info button so it shows info card when selected Fixed the diagnostics … Continue Reading The post AltspaceVR Hotfix 4.3.9 appeared first on AltspaceVR.
  • by Jessica Shea
    Hi Altspacers, We released a hotfix update for AltspaceVR today. Client version 4.3.7 is available now across all devices. This update restores the ability to hide the UI. We know many of you, especially those who film their events, have been missing this functionality! 🎬 The Mac client for this release is here. Bug fix: … Continue Reading The post AltspaceVR Hotfix 4.3.7 appeared first on AltspaceVR.


Hi, I’m AussieGuy92 from AltspaceVR

I shifted to virtual reality and finally found myself a home in AltspaceVR virtual reality social app managed by Microsoft. I play other games, but most of my time is spent building and exploring VR worlds with my friends.

I also create content guides and showcase other events by other users and host my own events from time to time.

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