Installing AltSpace Unity Uploader 2020.3.9

Getting the CORRECT Unity version

Make sure you have the Unity Hub installer installed already. And visit the page:

The Unity versions compatible for AltSpace currently are located above. If you get asked to upgrade at all while installing this or using this version select no. It is recommended you download it via Unity Hub as it will start the install process automatically and allows you to select the modules you need.

Go to:

If you are downloading via Unity Hub version finder you will not have access to the VERY specific version of Unity you need. You cannot take a shortcut on this! Install the current version to your hub and add support for these modules.

Required Unity Modules

Image may feature different Unity versions from the time of publication.

To compile assets for mac you will need to add the Mac Build Support when prompted. Do not select iOS support like I accidentally do sometimes. πŸ˜›

Upgrading Existing Template (Short Guide)

New Important Steps During Upgrade

  1. REMOVE OLD UPLOADER β€“ With Unity closed, delete the following files/folders, and it’s corresponding .meta
* Assets/Altspace

* Assets/Plugins

* Assets/Prefabs/test-folder, Readme.txt

* Assets/Resources/bg.jpeg, bg2.jpeg, logo.png, UserPreferences.asset

* Assets/DFloor_v004.fbx

* Library (This is a Unity system folder, not an Uploader folder. Delete it anyway, and let it be rebuilt during the upgrade.)

After you have deleted you can follow the steps forward from here to upgrade your existing content.

Creating a fresh AltSpace Unity 2020.3.9 Template

If you may have multiple versions of Unity installed at the same time so be sure to select the drop down arrow in the ‘New’ box and select the latest version.

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Published: June 4, 2021

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