AltSpaceVR as a platform provides tools for you to assist you in navigating the upload process. Managing your workload during an update period can be overwhelming for new builders let alone builders who have massive amounts of AltSpace kits and templates. I’m putting forward a resource and tool I use to help me that is free to use and offers tools to help automate your workload and add tracking and timeline.

The amazing thing about’s dashboard is that it is customisable in lots of ways. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to visualisation. Some timeline-based tracking boards while others prefer different types of charts. In’s main screen, you can change the view in every project or every board to fit your needs.

Introducing is a lot of things and I would encourage if you have never heard of Monday to watch the below video. I use Monday personally, for my employment and for my personal business. It has a lot of useful features that can help you manage tasks, ideas and get visibility of what’s going on in an easy to learn and use interface. has too many features to list so I will list a few that I use to help monitor my website and Unity projects.

  • Timetracking on projects and tasks
  • Uploading documents
  • Forwarding emails to so they display on Monday – This is great for monitoring Patreon to do’s!
  • Inviting teams & members (premium)
  • Automations to do certain follow-ups when a condition is met (premium)

Other uses for with AltSpaceVR

You could use this for managing events and coordinating with world builders and MRE developers on AltSpace. Although your layout would look different you can change Monday to suit your needs.

The main reason why I bother to use is that I am time poor managing my own time with real-life work and commitments. But the main benefit is I can set tasks and break them up into smaller tasks so I achieve tasks that appear to be overwhelming but complete smaller tasks to achieve this. I can say that since using I have become more productive and I can manage my time a lot better and meet deadlines.

Other ideas you could use a setup for AltSpace

You can find the up to date information on this page: