Coinciding with the launch of BRCvr event AltSpaceVR has released a new update to their events and world tabs to include a separate section for festivals. You can access the festivals tab in your AltSpace menu tab.

What are AltSpaceVR festivals? #

The concept behind festivals is to organise mass events under its own menu of worlds and events. This prevents these similar related events from clogging up the main menus.

There are a few things to be aware of that may be considered glitches or subject to change. This also includes my own personal criticism of this update.

  1. The festivals tab will only display total people in the main lobby. From the 1st image you can see 2 people in the main BRCvr world. However, if you were to look inside you will find multiple people spread out, this may be misleading on how ‘active’ a festival is.
  2. Events and worlds under a festival won’t show in the main event/worlds tab which may make these worlds harder to be found at the moment (Sept 2021) due to it being a new feature and maybe users being relucltant to check this tab.

Accessing Festivals through AltVR.com #


You can find Festivals under the More tab in the website menu bar.

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