Managing MRE’s in your world

Spawning an MRE #

You can spawn an MRE by opening the world editor panel and going into the basics. Alternatively, if you have had an MRE saved or sent to you, Mine > SDK apps allow you to spawn those MREs in that way.

How to reset/restart an MRE or temporaily disable the MRE #

You can untick ‘Is Playing’ toggle and click confirm which will put the MRE in the rest status. You can then click the gear icon again and tick ‘Is Playing’ toggle for the second time to restart it.

Note: You will need to click confirm each time you want to change the MRE status.

While your MRE is disabled it will appear in the rest state which will show an icon of a sleepy emoji icon. This is visible to all users in this mode.

How to tell if your MRE is online & responding #

MRE’s will have a smiley face appear in ‘Edit mode’ and be visible to all users while the MRE is loading in. Sometimes MRE may require some time to load in so this icon will be visible up to a minute for some users depending on their internet connection and what MRE is loading in.

If the emoji is a sad face it means the MRE server is not accessible.

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